Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What I Wore

I just ran to catch the 7:00 pm bus. I think running through the streets of San Francisco in my work attire with my laptop flapping about and raggedy old Kate Spade bag swinging side to side is really one of my better looks. What with the ill fitting bra and the awkward gait, it's got to be captured and uploaded as my profile picture to Facebook immediately.

Today I am rocking a new pair of corduroy pants. I was pleasantly surprised when I put them on for the first time in the safety of my own home. They're kind of that greenish/pea soup color. I was having a conversation with my husband, Erik, actually I was trying to crouch a complaint in an Hannah Montana analogy.

Me: You know how Miley will hear something she doesn't understand and thenspout out a long string of nonsense followed by a Say What?!??

To which he immediately replied: Girl-in-the-blinding-bright-yellow-pants-say-what?!??

I love that he knew what I was talking about even though most of the time I loathe everything on the Disney Channel. Loved it so much, I forgot to drive home my point about how I was irritated that he hadn't gone out of his way to make my life easier. Erik left for Burning Man today.

So I was feeling rather dapper in yeller pants. Then at work another freelancer who claimed he remembered me from back in the day. The day being the sometime in the late 1990's, he went on further to recall an image of me "wearing overalls."


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Things That Make Me Go Arrrgggghhhhh!!!

There's usually a myriad of things that get under my skin on any given day. I work hard to let them slide. Let me type a few out for you so they can instantly transform into the trivial. Sometimes when I talk to my friends (magic days) I'll be rattling off a story of the latest and greatest injustice against me and just by listening to my own words I'm able to see the ridiculousness. Just a bit. Like a speck.

#1 -- My landlord is lackadaisical about cashing the rent check. Seems like no big deal, right? But this is NorCal akin to NYC. Our rent is a huge chunk of the budget. It would be so much easier if I could just slide a briefcase full of money under their door. Or even better, can't they just deposit the check. It makes me feel like they don't need the money. And I get such a charge seeing the checking balance so high mid-month. (Don't be all judgey that I'm a renter. They're predicting that the piece of land my house sits on will be underwater in the next 20-50 years, that is if the The BIG One doesn't hit first or the whole state slides into the ocean.)

#2 --Two of our neighbors have three vehicles for their homes with only two licensed drivers. This sounds petty, I know. Note: they're not like two trusty commuters and then some sick vintage muscle or newfangled electric. They're three cars in pretty much the same category. Few years old, hold about 4-5 peeps. Here's the rub, the people across the street (retirees) park two cars in front of their garage. A garage that is floor to ceiling full of stuff. The third car, they park in front of my house. They don't drive the car. Ever. They don't drive the car so much that there are weeds knee high growing under it. I look out my living room window I see their car and the weeds. Maybe I should just pull them? The weeds. Or call the city and get a neon sticker slapped up on that.

UPDATE: While I was working on this post the neighbor moved the car. For the first time EVER. To his driveway to wash it. I didn't even know it ran. I don't think he thought it did either, because he kept it running while he hosed it off. I paced about trying to think of who I could call to come an park in the vacant spot. (not a magic day/no friends) I considered moving my our one and only car to the spot, but was nervous about having to talk to him about the parking predicament. So I called my mom, she has balls enough for us all on keeping people off property. While I was dialing her number, the man moved the wet car back to the spot. Dripping with water, the weeds sprouted up a few more inches before my eyes.