Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Everybody's Fine

We moved!! I'd like to think or say that I haven't been writing because I laze by the pool all the day long, but alas -that's not the case. I'd like to say I haven't been writing because I've been so busy unpacking, organizing and decorating but that isn't really the case either. Haven't been writing because I have a new job - nope. Haven't been writing because planning a big trip - uh-uh. Haven't been writing because I've been cast as the lead in the Berkeley Rep's newest musical - no way. Wet nurse to an entire Mayan village - never. I'm like a pair of old acid wash jeans - No Excuses.

However, I did put the dog on a raft and push it towards the middle of the pool. That took all of about 45 seconds.