Thursday, April 29, 2010

Rocky Road

Last night I thought it would be fun to head over to Baskin-Robbin for their .31 cent cone night. Weeeeeeeee.

Only problem, the rest of the planet had the same idea. Spying the line around the block, I decided to take the girls to another ice cream parlor. I saw a man getting into his car, so I turned on my signal and planned to take his space.

He approaches my car and warns me that my headlights are off. It's technically dusk, but I appreciate the warning and flip them on. I tell the girls that they can go ahead and go inside to get in line. The guy still hasn't started his car, so I pick up my phone an scan my twitter feed. Pretty soon he approaches the car again:

He: Are those yours?
Me: (confused) Those children?
He: Yes!
Me: Yes, those are my children.
He: And you told them to go stand behind my car?
Me: No, I told them they could go inside the ice cream store.
He: Well you must be smoking the crack.
Me: (pause) You are a nice man.

Arghh! I hate to have issues with people. In the retelling you'd think the man was elderly. But I guess he just acts that way? Maybe he has incredibly poor eyesight? It irritates me that he called it "the" crack. It irritates me that he was driving a new Mini Cooper, because up until then I have favorable feelings towards the brand. It irritates me that it's still bothering me a day later. Arghh!!


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