Monday, February 22, 2010

I'm not laughing

Does your dentist or your child's dentist use nitrous or laughing gas?

Growing up, mine never did. In fact my first run in with nitrous happened in the mid-nineties at a Phish show at SPAC and came in a balloon. My second happened in Labor and Delivery during precipitate labor.

So at Lula's dental appointment...One cavity. Her first. Sad face. No Nano....the desk lady was going over the treatment plan for her one (minor) filling. The plan included going ahead and pre-billing insurance for two fillings just in case and using nitrous which costs $65 and is not covered by insurance in addition to the standard numbing shot.

I'm not barbaric, I feel adequate pain medication is necessary. I might be a bit cheap, but what exactly is the profit margin on this pain relief for EVERY child walking through that door? Our dentists in New York and Dallas did not readily use nitrous for every procedure. Aren't we supposed to discourage drug use in children? Whose pain are we managing here? Part of me wonders if it doesn't make the most basic treatments easier for the dentists. I've poked around a bit on the internet. This is what Wikipedia says about Nitrous:

it is frequently used to relieve pain associated with childbirth, trauma, oral surgery, and heart attacks.

I think it's a bit excessive to break out the gas for a surface cavity. I hate it when I grow suspicious of a care giver. Please tell me what you think.


Magpie said...

Haven't crossed that bridge with the kiddo - but I always had laughing gas as a child, sometimes without novocaine (I think).

Miss Grace said...

If it was complicated/involved having mouth open for a really long time (like four cavities or teeth pulled or something), then I'd say yes. But one surface cavity?
Not necessary.

mlb said...

aw shit, i had it when i was about that age. loved it.

mrs. blogoway said...

Unfortunately, dental offices are businesses and I think they "add on" things that aren't really necessary.

I hope everything turned out okay...

M said...

I use nitrous 2X a year when I get my teeth cleaned. I love it. Lucky for me my dentist charges less for it. I always tell my husband he should ask for it because its legal and fun. This makes him roll his eyes talk about how its not necessary which reminds me that he doesn't know what he's talking about. I've loved it since I was a kid so probably a good idea to just not get them started on it!

Twisted Susan said...

I always listen to the pit of my stomach.

amy in NC said...

Tom loves the stuff and it all started in San Francisco at our very lush and expensive dentist. Maybe it's a Cali thing?

dentist said...

Having cavities are really bad for your teeth since it can cause decay. Thanks.

dental website design said...

I had tried them both and I really liked the laughing gas rather than getting the nitrous.

dental clinic myrtle beach said...

My dentist still uses the injection but she always ask me which I prefer before doing it.

Mr.Filbert. Hutchison said...

I sometimes prefer not using any anesthesia before since I like the pain, I just take some pain killers afterwards.
dentist memphis tn

Lauren Frentscher said...

I love the laughing gas and I always ask for it up to now. If it’s just one tooth with minor cavity it is not necessary to ask for it. Sometimes we should endure the pain and not rely on drugs.

goodlettsville tn dental

thom.r said...

The big problem with using laughing gas is that some people tend to abuse it. This is why dentist ask if they'd want to have nitrous or laughing gas.
dentist knoxville tn

Fanny Johnson said...

I love laughing gas and I choose it over nitrous. It diverts my attention and I feel not worried whenever I have dental treatment with my orthodontist in Lubbock TX.

Samuel.Ricafort said...

I think that laughing gas is not safe since it may cause heart attacks, pneumonia or nausea.
dentist in goose creek

concord nc dentist said...

Laughing gas could be dangerous only to those people who are allergic to it. If a patient wants a laughing gas or nitrous, they should consult a doctor first to know if they are capable of taking it.

Erlyn Ritchie said...

My dentist in Laurel told me to consult a doctor first if I can have a laughing gas for dental treatments. The doctor told me before that its safe for me. I just ask for it when I know that the procedure will be painful.

dentist bloomingto said...

I haven’t experienced taking a laughing gas because my doctor told me that it would cause irritation on me. I wonder if some dentists require a prescription from the patient’s doctor or they just ask the patient directly.

Ron Receuver said...

As a patient, it is our responsibility to ask our doctors and dentists about the different compounds and elements being administered to us. In that way, inquiries, speculations and doubts will be lessen. If the nitrous did not cause any harm at all, then it's possible that it's approved. In case of delayed allergic effect, you can always consult a doctor and lawyer all at the same time to take good care of the case.

dentist memphis tn said...

I think that it actually depends on which ever your comfortable with.

travis said...

Proper treatment has to be administered. Dentists Double Bay also have to be aware on the condition.

Tommy D said...

Its a good thing that she only had one cavity, I'm that you were pretty surprised.
urgent dental care

nicole jackson said...

I guess you need an immediate contact with your urgent care in phoenix for inquiries with this kind of issue. You need to have a trusted health practitioner too.

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