Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I was robbed

Three weeks ago tomorrow will be the anniversary of the discovery that my beloved Felt beach cruiser bike was stolen. The thieves also made away with Lula's bike but left the best of the lot – Hazel's new Specialized mountain bike. We replaced Lula's with a golden-orange Tony Hawk something-or-another purchased from the school auction. Which was a great deal because she needed a bike, the PTA needed money and Lula gets to be the kid that "whoa, YOU got the bike!!!!"

Now we can't keep the bikes parked and locked up in the garage anymore, because hello - they could get stolen.

So make way in the living room.

This is reminding me of when we used to keep our big TV in the fireplace. Digest that interior design disaster for a second and I'll brace myself for another round of discussion with my husband where he attempts to argue that this was indeed the perfect place to house said electrical device. Imagine a beautiful brick chimney with a fashionably decorated mantle and ESPN coming out of it's...

Which reminds me that we did join the rest of the free world and finally purchased a flat screen TV. We sold the fireplace Sony on Craigslist before we moved and had grown quite used to watching on the postage stamp sized TV that we used to have in our bedroom. Now the old little TV (with built-in VCR) lives in the living room too, right next to the bikes. I'm pretty sure Architectural Digest isn't going to come calling.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Weekly Roundup: Week Three

So I haven't been super faithful in my Friday round ups. One reason being that I found this site: The Worthington Wire.

The girls got a modeling gig for an awesome illustrator.

Here is a fun post talking about Alameda, California. Where we live.

In gossip news, I spent way too much time trying to get to the bottom of the Jon & Kate + 8 divorce rumors. Girl From the Ghetto has the story and drunk Jon pictures.

Tonight is the school auction. I was responsible for putting together Hazel's class basket. Our theme was fat wallet. I stuffed a wallet with gift cards and scratch-off lottery tickets. It's valued at $85. I'm hoping it goes for a good price and that there is a winning lotto ticket in the bunch. Now if I can just stop myself from bidding on it, which would essentially be like paying twice.

Happy Friday.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Life Imitates Disney Channel Sit-coms

It's Friday morning. I haven't showered. I'm wearing yoga pants and a hoodie and shuffling the girls to school and walking the dog. I haven't had coffee. As we cross the street a car window rolls down and a kid in the backseat acknowledges one of mine. The mom shouts over her shoulder.

The Mom: Hey! Vanessa! Do you have any plans tonight?

Me: Uh. (Thinking) Uh. Well...

The Mom: I'm going to the races and I wanted to see what you were doing.

Me: Oh! Wow. Well, Erik's going to The Fillmore to see The New Mastersounds so I have the kids. I was hoping to go into the city for an in-store at Amoeba.

The Mom: So you're busy.

Me: Yeah. But thanks for thinking of me. Let me know next time. I'd love to go out.

The Mom: I didn't want you to come with, I wanted you to babysit. (Laughter)

Me: (Shocked)

The Mom: Don't worry about it.

Me: (Shocked)

Seriously, during this whole exchange not once did I get the impression that I wasn't being invited to go out for adult fun. So it felt like a double-wammy once we all got on the same page. Now a few weeks ago, my daughter did attend a sleep over Birthday party at The Mom's house with six other girls. Do I owe her now? I think she thinks I owe her.

The Wizards of Waverly Place is another show on Disney, slightly more palatable than Hannah Montana. One of the few episodes I've seen numerous times involves the older brother thinking he's going on a date when actually he's charged with babysitting. Comedy ensues.

(We did go to the in-store and had a fun filled evening in the Haight. We secured street parking, had pizza at Escape From New York, ice cream from Ben & Jerry's and we petted many a dog. Good times. My kids are still not as keen on live music as I'd like. *sigh*)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Takes The Cake – A Bakery Story

Oh, have I got some tales to tell:

• The crazy mom and cookie sales
• How I thought I was being asked out but really being asked to babysit
• The class basket for the school auction or a one-way ticket to debt & failure
• and more!*

Today you get a how I saw a man acting stupid - any way you slice it.

I have a very hard time taking "no" for an answer. This practice has served me well in my life. Mostly. But I'll admit, on occasion, it has made me look determined, driven, focused a bit like a bit asshole.

So yesterday, I had to run into the grocery store to procure some "green fruits" for the St. Patrick's Day fruit salad that the youngest child would be taking to her class party. (Kiwi, Granny Smith & Grapes). And a trip to the store means a swing by the bakery section for the complimentary cookie club cookie. As we waited in line, I was taken in by the conversation of the man being serviced:

Bakery Woman: (sliding wrapped loaf over the counter) We can't slice it.

Man: Why not?

Bakery Woman: We don't slice bread with seeds.

Man: I've had it done here before.

Bakery Woman: Sir. It's from Trader Joe's. This is Safeway.

Man: So? You should do it for customer service

Bakery Woman: Our machines aren't made to slice seeded loaves. And it is not our item.

Man: What's your name? Oh, so you're just the assistant manager. I want to speak with the manager.

I couldn't believe it. I've tried to get away with some doozies in my day, but this was too much. Even for me. Maybe, I should take my Audi to the Toyota dealership for a scheduled maintenance and free oil change.

The bakery lady ended up pulling an extra day old oatmeal raisin for the man. And that seemed to please him enough to not wait for the manager.

Moral: Low blood sugar is a bitch.

(I learned that "and more!" bit as an advertising copywriter. Try it. It really works. 100% satisfaction guaranteed – or your money back. Seriously, I am on fire today.)

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Lula has an amazing teacher. Completely, totally, awesomely amazing. She's young. She's smart. She's dedicated. And she's hot. I mention that last part, because I noticed at the beginning of the year my husband would perk up every time I mentioned her name. Then I started doing it on purpose. Slipping in, "Ms. Smith asked about you today." to our dinner conversation. He'd light up like a 100W iridescent bulb. It took him awhile to figure out what I was up to. Honestly, we're all a bit smitten by her, she is that good.

So it's really no surprise when I found this in Lula's folder:

You are my hero because your are supportive, grate (great). a leader, non-violent and smrt (smart).

I was, however surprised when I found another hero award in the pocket of my husband's jeans.

I have no idea what the non-violent thing is about, but I do know that Ms. Smith is a fan of the German establishment in town, because she told us at parent conference. And I feel like this post is so transparent because I'm 100% certain that Erik originally took an interest in me because I was a kind, blond, beer drinker.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


***There's a give-away at the end of this post***

Last week, I was thrilled to participate in a blogger luncheon sponsored by UpTake and the Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau. Basically a bunch of travel and food bloggers got together for drinks and lunch. I know, I'm not a travel or a food blogger (yet) but I am fun at parties.

The first thing I discovered was that they eat some interesting things in Hawaii and they are all fun to say. Seriously, Loco Moco. It's basically a bowl of rice, topped with a hamburger patty, topped with fried eggs, topped with gravy.

Flights to Hawaii are quite affordable now and there are some deals to be had. I can't wait to go. Everyone shared their favorite things to do and see. There was an interesting discussion about how President Obama's leadership style can be traced to his Hawaiian roots. (Coco)Nut shell: I had a great time. Mahalo.

I had the opportunity to visit with Gudrun, The Kitchen Gadget Girl again. She always asks everyone their favorite kitchen gadget and seemed so disappointed when I professed my love for my now defunct apple corer. Honestly, I don't have many gadgets. But in an attempt to be creative I tried to convince her that I'm now over the moon for my gravy boat. Dude, it's from Restoration Hardware.

I enjoyed hearing Amy's take on the BlogHer Conference. Amy's blog was voted one of the top 5 food blogs by Forbes. Through her, I found this list of 100 Things To Try Before You Die and I can't wait to get started.

I was given a copy of Willie K's latest CD to share with you. Probably safe to say your CD collection is short on Hawaiian artist. He's described as:

I'm giving away his latest CD The Uncle In Me. See, even the album titles are fun to say in Hawaii.

To enter leave a comment or email me (doingokay@gmail.com) and I'll have Hazel pick the lucky number on Sunday.