Monday, December 14, 2009

What To My Wondering Eyes

I'm a sucker for someone else's gift guide or product reviews. So thank you if you assembled one. I'm sure I checked it out and probably made a purchase. Here's a sneak peak at some of the things that are going to be under my tree.

For your parents:

Whirley Pop. We love this popcorn popper. I picked up mine at a garage sale. Then I used the company's lifetime warranty to replace the top after our extreme use. How awesome is that? I got a new top and only had pay the shipping. (Hush if you think this is bad form. I resulted in more sales. The goal of product manufactures the world over.) Popcorn has become our snack of choice and there is a difference using this pan v. the same one you boil pasta in. This year, both of Erik's parents will be getting their pop on. Hopefully, they'll enjoy it as much as we do. Oh, and I got Erik some fancy popcorn spice toppings for stocking stuffers from Sur La Table. I passed on the dill pickle flavor.

For your daughter, niece, friend- anyone celebrating a significant milestone.

No. 9 Necklace. Hazel Bean is turning 9 in a few days. I spied something similar at the Alameda boutique Modern Mouse, but they only had a 7. After being inspired to buy her a necklace commemorating her last year as a single digit, I found this one on Etsy and I love it. I hope she does too.

For people who are hard to buy for:

Your favorite photo printed on canvas. Look for this in Lonah's ultra modern and grey pallet stocking. We love this picture of the girls. It hangs as a photograph in our kitchen. After commenting on it at Thanksgiving, I decided to up the ante and get it printed on canvas for my mom. We're having the man with the Coke photoshopped out of hers. I think I'm going to love it so much I'll wish I'd bought 2. Take one of your favorite photos and have it printed on canvas. I guarantee it will be a real crowd pleaser.

For yankees and stylish sisters-in-law.

Erik's little sister lives in Vermont. She incredibly beautiful and fashionable and smart and kind. I really think she'll like this handmade cowl. I considered a hat, but I thought this was really unique and cool. I have reputation for hitting it out of the park with gifts for her, so lets hope I don't strike out. Britta, do you read my blog?

For fancy lady friends:

Another purchase that I was pointed to via Dooce's gift guides. These are Poetic Shoe Clips in Red. Or, they're cute little things that clip into shoes to take your outfit up a notch. Yesterday, Hazel was making fun of me because I occasionally point out the ease of assembly of some crafty items when we shop. She thinks my middle name should be "I Could Make That." The real humor, is the fact that yes I could, but I rarely do. Before I pushed purchase on this one, I thought there were probably little hair accessories that could double as shoe clips at a fraction of the cost and the words "I Could Make That" floated through my head. These are another present for Lonah. Kinda going out on a limb, but she was just saying she likes to add color to her wardrobe.

For little Monkeys:

Ugli Dolls and Paul Frank our very popular in our house. But we've reached a point where the collections have grown to a sizable mass and there's the chance of duplication. Lula has a single Sock Monkey stuffed animal that has become her go-to toy as of late. I was looking for something to help expand her collection by 50% and bam! found this cute little guy. That's right friends, I can fill in a search box like nobody's business. My cynical side, gives it a few weeks to fall into the lost or broken category. But seriously cu-ute!

For everyone who has an iPhone and people you might still be to be married to this time next year and me:

I quickly ordered multiples of this little gadget. One for me. One for Erik. One for ? Of course now I wish I'd scooped up a few more of the iPhone Backup Battery Pack. I can't tell you how many times I could have used an little extra charge on my phone this past year. It doesn't happen every day, but when you're traveling or out until the wee hours a little boost is a lifesaver. It's only a fifteen dollars and what I would have given to have access to maps, or my email or a good attorney my husband. Let's just cancel the appearance on Dr. Phil call a this what it is, The Marriage Saver.

Well there you have it? I could add a few more mundane items - but I need to work. What do you think? What are you excited to give this year?


Magpie said...

I like your list. I like your "I could do that" middle name, too.

I am all about the decoupage this year. Well, maybe not ALL about - but I did decoupage two things to great effect.

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