Saturday, December 5, 2009

Par for the course

As you can imagine, I've been following the Tiger Woods car accident with peaked interest. Erik plays quite a bit of golf, so I've had the pleasure of watching many a championship golf tournament where Mr. Woods did quite well over the years.

The other night, when the story was still in it's infancy, I attended a Christmas party. I made conversation with Erik's co-workers and I kept telling my Tiger joke to anyone who would listen.

My Tiger Woods Joke © by Vanessa

Me: Did you hear about Tiger Woods?
You: You mean the car accident?
You: Yeah, he had sex with a cocktail waitress?
You: You mean his affair?
Me: No, today he shot 7 under par.


I seriously thought this was hilarious.

The story continued to unfold, and it got a little more serious and a lot less funny. Then the universe decided to send my husband on a business trip all next week. He's not taking his golf clubs or Ambian® and it's not Vegas. He's taking his snowboard and his Tylenol PM. Maybe he'll come home with a trophy and one of those really big checks.