Sunday, December 13, 2009

I'll have what he's having

I told you about how my husband (nearly) won The Biggest Loser competition at his office, remember? I was thinking about what he eats.

1) Apples. Morning, noon and night. (Breaburn, Jonagold, Granny Smith, Fuji). We move through apples. I've got the cores to prove it. I read somewhere - if you're not hungry enough to eat an apple, you're really not hungry. I believe this. I don't often follow it, but you have to admit it makes sense.

2) Yoplait Yogurt. The stuff with lots of flavors and very little calories. I put these in the girls' lunches and half the time they return uneaten. Almost every morning, I clean a few empty containers off the coffee table.

3) Fake meat. He started our with veggie burgers. To mix it up –we'd try a new brand. Wheeeee. Nowadays, we're partial to the Fantastic Foods brand of box mixes. We've got a stockpile of their Chili. It's a soy product and it's great. Quick. Healthy and yum.

Good grief. I'm boring.


amy in NC said...

This is not boring to me:) I'm reading Skinny Bitch and I'm 99% sure I'll be vegan by the end. Wow - Peta here I come!

C in Texas said...

Definitely not boring. I don't do diets - but I do dieting tips, and these seems pretty nifty. Thanks V.

Dijea said...

My husband would so eat nothing but meat for every meal. It's hard being the only girl in the house. Especially when you have to cook for carnivores.

Rockzee said...

Is that Amy M. that commented? I remember when she only ate bread for a diet. So cute.
That is great advice. Although I don't eat apples so I would starve.

marathon mom said...

That tofu based stuff lasts a long time too. It's all good, I like it. :)

amy in NC said...

so funny about the bread stef. now i'm gluten free and much more sane:)

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