Thursday, September 24, 2009

License and Registration

Erik and I went together to exchange our Texas drivers licenses for California. Ten business days later, only mine arrived in the mail. After weeks of waiting and one failed phone attempt resulting in being on hold for over two hours, we went back down to the DMV.

When it was finally our turn, the woman worker was able to determine that Erik's license had been returned to the Post Office. Diligently making sure that Erik was indeed the man he claimed to be the woman asked where Erik had held other driver's licenses:

New York

And, she inquired, where have you gotten tickets?

New York

He quickly rattled in a reply.

Where else? She asked.

I could tell he was slightly taken aback.

Ummmm. He said. South Dakota. (see Badlands)

Kansas. I interjected. (see Christmas 2004)

Where else? She pushed.

We've driven cross country multiple times. I explained. (see map)

The lady rolled her eyes in that explanation.

Memories of State Troopers in the rearview came flooding back.

Pretty much anywhere on the Eastern Seaboard. I recalled. Then I started with Maine and moved down to Florida. Hitting correct answers at almost every state line.

He's flying a bit straighter these days. I added. Trying to reassure her. (Who knows what information she was privy to on that computer screen.) And now, he takes the bus.


Michele said...

LOL... that's hysterical! :)

Wonderful blog, btw. Can't remember if I told you that before, but I check in every morning. LOVE!!


mrs. blogoway said...

So what was the deal? Did he have an unresolved ticket somewhere? Did he ever get the license?

I used to get speeding tickets all the time. I've taken defensive driving 11 times... Now, I've slowed down but they've started pulling me over for no seat belt!