Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Kicked To The Curb

Hazel went on a sleepover last Saturday night. For us, sleepovers started early, in Kindergarten. She was ready, I wasn't. Since then there have been many more. There has never been a tearful call in the middle of the night. A plea for a pick up. A beg for a opt out. Quite the opposite.

Sunday morning I was greeted with a voicemail message instructing me to pick her up later rather than sooner. My kids have never clung to outside the school door. They have no problem leaving me. They talk of plans to spend entire summers at their grandmothers. They can't wait to grow up and live with their friends in a pet spa/art gallery/restaurant. I try and tell myself that this is a sign of good parenting. That they feel secure enough to go out into the world with confidence. But sometimes it feels like they're trying to get rid of me. And it all seems to happening way too fast.


Magpie said...

Mine claims to want to go on a sleepover, but since she ends up in my bed almost every night, I don't think she's ready. Grandma, yes, but a friend? Not yet.

Miss Grace said...

My three year old had his first sleep over at like 18 months. Another single mom and I trade overnight babysits. Does that count?

mrs. blogoway said...

Maddie loves sleepovers AND sleeping with me... I guess we should just be happy they have lots of friends and are having fun!

Daisy said...

Mine loved sleepovers - hosting them and going on them! When she went camping with the Brownies in first grade, I blinked - but only a little.

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