Tuesday, July 7, 2009

There's No Place Like Home

I really enjoyed this article about living in San Francisco I was alerted to via Kottke.org.

I'm working on a post about my restless spirit and how I'm not one of those people who could ever, nor was I- born, raised, lived and died all in the same place. I get itchy and ironically, the minute we moved back to the Bay Area (a place I'd been pining for from the moment we left) I felt my affection start to rise for the East Coast, specifically NYC. Go figure.

So the article has a set of rules that can be applied to almost any city. I'm all for taking advantage of what's in your own backyard. Let's see how I'm doing:

1. Live in San Francisco.

Well, we're not in SF proper. I wish we were. The school situation is a bit tricky in SF, it's not as simple as moving into a neighborhood with a good school and being guaranteed that your kids can go to that school. There was a more than likely chance that the girls would have to attend different schools in the city or be bussed across town. This fact made me uncomfortable. We choose Alameda for the schools and the beach. If it's any consolation, we can SEE San Francisco from essentially our front yard.

2. Jump in the water.

We've been out to Pt. Reyes, Kirby Cove, Angel Island and Crown Memorial Beach is out our front door. A few people have asked me if I let the girls "swim in the Bay". I discussed this with their pediatrician and am happy to report that her only concern was swimmers itch - the same affliction swimmers are susceptible to in the pristine waters of Lake Champlain. We need some improvement on hitting the Sierras and getting our mountain on.

3. Eat the food.

More sushi. More berries. Practically vegans. I'd say we've got this one covered.

4. Get a bike

I'm still trying to recover from losing my beloved Felt Cruiser. Seriously, that bike was so good looking it turned heads. Last week I tried to buy a hot pink burning man special. Yesterday, I went to look at a two cruisers from craigslist. And today, I forked over my debit card for this beauty.

Isn't it gorgeous? Looks like candy.

5. Make real friends

I'm working on this. We've done pretty good, but there's room for improvement. On the 4th, I attended two separate parties where I knew more than the hosts at both and I met a bunch of new friends.

6. Be real yourself

I love the description of "San Francisco is the kind of place where nobody will tell you when you have a bad idea". I think this may apply to every other place in the world. It's hard to squelch enthusiasm. I'm happy to report, I still have it in spades.

Tell me -how are you doing in your hometown?


Rockzee said...

1. Live in Austin. I think my neighborhood is technically considered west Travis County, and is west of Westlake Hills. Not sure this counts, but like you, I can SEE Austin from parts of 360 on the way to the mall!

2. Jump in the water. Austin is super hot, so luckily it has plenty of water to jump into, and much of it is Spring fed which means it's f'ing cold. We go to Deep Eddy pool mostly, which is always 68 degrees.

3. Eat the food. When I moved here, I was pregnant. But we joked that maybe there was no baby in there. Maybe I was just pregnant with chicken fried steak.

4. Get a bike. I have one that I never ride because our neighborhood is very hilly and it's a one-speed cruiser. It looks cool sitting in my garage though.

5. Make real friends. Hmmm. I think real friends are the ones you've had forever, that have stuck by you through the most embarrassing, most devastating and most pivotal moments of your life. I don't have the longevity with anyone here to say yet if they are real friends, but I think there are a few on their way to becoming such.

6. Be real yourself. This town's motto is "Keep Austin Weird." So judgment is not really our thing either.

Rockzee said...

Okay, maybe a pool doesn't count as jumping in the water. I've been to Hippie Hollow, which is a clothing optional section of the lake. That must count double, right?

Magpie said...

Love your bicycle!

I'm not sure I love where I live, but I make the best of it.

Dijea said...

You know my current hometown, I would like to get out of it for a small town - for a while anyway. I'm working on which one.

Reinvent Dad said...

I love so many aspects of San Francisco. In fact we just drove in this past Sunday for a Giants game at AT&T park, but I don't think I could manage life in the city while raising kids. Friends of friends living in the city say that your kids probably would never be able to attend their local neighborhood school which to me is tragic.....so we'd have to pony up for private school.

In this most expensive state, I'd rather not pay for private school unless there is a real need by my child...so for now, I'm a visitor or tourist.

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