Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I've been known to get lost

Oh, the AUSD has become the a hot button of political or protestable issues with their plans to prevent bullying by introducing curriculum aimed creating tolerance towards gay families. From what I've read, the basic message to begin in kindergarten, is that families can be more than just one mom and one dad. Basically:

Supporters of the curriculum said it's a tool desperately needed by teachers to combat anti-gay slurs and bullying that starts as early as kindergarten. It's not about sex, they said, but about offering positive images of gays and their families who are members of the community but invisible inside school walls.

I was buzzing past City Hall yesterday on my ballet-gym-ferry-hockey-ballet-gym Tuesday night shuttle when I saw the protestors. There was the man in his devil suit with his and his ominous right pointing arrow. I contemplated stopping to shake my finger and speak my mind but opted for a quick left turn, away from eternal damnation.