Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Me: I walk out of the offices of a personal injury attorney. I'm a human ping pong ball being bounced between the city, the property owner and my insurance company. The game ends when I give up.

She: Sits on a patio in the Texas sun when arguably the HOTTEST young male actor slides into table next to her. And to think she wished she didn't get out of bed today.

She: Alone in a conference room she grabs a few minutes of privacy to pump. Next she'll walk a room full of executives through a brilliant advertising campaign while her baby smiles three states away.

She: Walks on the beach staring out at the Atlantic Ocean. Thinking big thoughts with a heart full of love and sand between her toes. Surrounded by family, looking fabulous with an open ear and easy shoulder.

I miss my friends. Scattered over the country. I'm thankful that there is so much technology to keep us in touch. A hundred years ago, I'd still be waiting for the pony express to tell me they'd succumbed to dysentery. Life is good.


Reinvent Dad said...

Sounds like you have a great circle of friends...even with modern technology, sometimes I have to kick my friends in the butt to remind them that we need to keep in touch.

Rockzee said...

This made me WEEP!

And seeing Riggins yesterday was definitely the highlight of my day. To which my mom quipped, "how sad." But Alas, Mom doesn't watch Friday Night Lights now does she? If she did, she would understand.

I miss you too honey!