Friday, May 8, 2009

Cheap Date

We re-upped our Netflix subscription a few months ago after one night at Blockbuster nearly broke the bank. Now that you can essentially "on demand" thousands of movies and TV series I'm thinking that the service might need to come to with a warning label.

I fully expected Child Protective Services to come to my door during a particularly paralyzing jag known as Seasons 1 and 2 of Friday Night Lights. (Note: Stef recommended this series which I thought I had no interest in, but after about 45 seconds I was addicted. I started out watching about half an episode before bed and then found myself unable to shower or sleep or step away from the computer due to an insatiable curiosity about what was going to happen next to those State Champion Dillon Panthers, y'aaaaallllllllll.)

Yesterday, I received 4 passes for a free one month membership that I'd like to give away. Leave a comment with your email address and I'll send the first four the code. I'm such an enabler. Good for new subscribers only.

I'm predisposed to documentaries and dramas. I also seek out celebrated family friendly foreign films and think that making my kids sound out the subtitles counts towards their daily reading requirements. And then there's the reality TV or afore mentioned High School TV series that make me lose myself in adolescent angst.

Here's a few off radar gems I highly recommend:

Freaks & Geeks

Dear Zachary

A Family Undertaking

Young @ Heart

The King of Kong


Please Vote For Me

I'd love to hear your recommendations.


mlb said...

Number one, we own the Freaks and Geeks box set.

Number two, I recommended the Dillon Panthers to C&S. I've been threatening to name this baby Riggings. Boy or girl.

I don't have a number 3.

mlb said...


Reinvent Dad said...

I'm looking for a series to watch this summer (as we play a bit of catch-up to justify paying what we do for Netflix)...I've been thinking 'Freaks and Geeks' might be worth a look-see.

Mecca Givens said...

American Hollow: "tale of a close-knit Appalachian family that has changed little in the last 100 years"... I own and love this one!

Seven Up!, and the Seven Up series: Starting in 1964, fourteen 7 yr old children were chosen and interviewed and followed. Every seven yrs after that they were again interviewed and updates were given. The film series continues throughout their lives. Excellent!!!

Spellbound:National Spelling kids and their parents! A must see

Brother's Keeper

I would to hear your opinion if you see any of these. Oh, I almost forgot - Hand on a Hard Body!

movin down the road said...

I never leave Blockbuster with less than $20, add candy and I am broke! I netflix but also have on demand on my cable...I just get one movie at a time in netflix, I love it though.

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