Monday, May 4, 2009

Camping 2.0

Kirby Cove is amazing. Thank you to the National Park Service for adding one to my Top 10 Coolest Things Ever list.

There are only four camp sites at this park, so overcrowding was not an issue. It was gorgeous - even if the weather was less than perfect. Fog prevented us from seeing the amazing city views that I had read about, but every so often we'd get a peek at the Golden Gate bridge. And like clockwork, ever 20 seconds the fog horn blew a warning. And every now and then, a boat would blow it's two blast reply.

We took it up a notch this trip. Everyone had their own sleeping bag. And we bought a rechargeable LED lantern. We added a protective tarp under our tent so even though the forecast said there was a chance of record lows we all stayed warm. Hazel insists she was up all night, didn't sleep a wink. Which is cute and dramatic and absolutely not true.

And this guy? I found him clinging to some rocks waiting to make a memory while Lula ran up and down the beach screaming, "THIS IS THE LIFE!"