Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Welcome Home

We caught an early flight out of Austin and dropped out bags at the house picked up backpacks and rushed the girls to school. You know public schools lose money when kids are absent and I hadn't lined up any seat fillers for the day. Then we rushed over to pick up our dog from boarding at the pet hospital. The staff could not have gushed anymore about the lil feller and almost didn't give him back. Then we jumped back into the car (which wasn't stolen from the garage, unlike my bike.) to drive across the Bay Bridge and deposit Erik at work for some advertising related emergency - much like a medical emergency but always ends up :30 or :60 seconds in length. Then I took out our brakes navigating the hills attempting to get back on the Bay Bridge when the dog poo'd in the car. Um, yeah. So I pulled over grabbed some napkins and rushed across the street to deposit the love offering in a trash receptacle just in time to have a tow truck pull in behind me. Boy, was he disappointed when I took off leaving him with a fresh whiff of hot breaks and doggie surprise. Back on the island, I bypassed the fast food establishment in favor of grabbing a Naan Wrap at the farmers market.

When I got home to eat it, the lamb curry looked remarkably similar to what my dog had left for me on the passengers seat. Which I couldn't seem to shake the smell of no matter how many times I washed my hands. I've been unpacking for a few hours now and still, every so often, I catch a hint of that smell. Not the curry. The eu du poo. And just moments ago when I thought I was going to have to have my nose removed because there was dog mess taking residence in my nostrils, I discovered that the whole back side of my shirt is covered in dog shit.

I'm back!


Miss Grace said...

Uh. Welcome home?

mrs. blogoway said...

You are so funny. Love it.

I've done that though where Ican't get a smell out of my nose and it truly is JUST in my nose... weird.

Mecca said...

Sorry to laugh so hard at yur misfortune but I CAN'T help it! Too funny!

Dijea said...

I just wonder what else it got on since it was on the back of your shirt.

I currently smell like garlic - that's almost impossible to get of your hands.

movin down the road said...

ha ha! All the more reason not to own a dog...

brian said...

very funny! usually when i keep getting that whiff, it's on the bottom of my shoe! back of shirt, nice one!

another good thing said...

I may never eat lamb curry again. glad you're back.

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