Friday, March 20, 2009

Weekly Roundup: Week Three

So I haven't been super faithful in my Friday round ups. One reason being that I found this site: The Worthington Wire.

The girls got a modeling gig for an awesome illustrator.

Here is a fun post talking about Alameda, California. Where we live.

In gossip news, I spent way too much time trying to get to the bottom of the Jon & Kate + 8 divorce rumors. Girl From the Ghetto has the story and drunk Jon pictures.

Tonight is the school auction. I was responsible for putting together Hazel's class basket. Our theme was fat wallet. I stuffed a wallet with gift cards and scratch-off lottery tickets. It's valued at $85. I'm hoping it goes for a good price and that there is a winning lotto ticket in the bunch. Now if I can just stop myself from bidding on it, which would essentially be like paying twice.

Happy Friday.