Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Life Imitates Disney Channel Sit-coms

It's Friday morning. I haven't showered. I'm wearing yoga pants and a hoodie and shuffling the girls to school and walking the dog. I haven't had coffee. As we cross the street a car window rolls down and a kid in the backseat acknowledges one of mine. The mom shouts over her shoulder.

The Mom: Hey! Vanessa! Do you have any plans tonight?

Me: Uh. (Thinking) Uh. Well...

The Mom: I'm going to the races and I wanted to see what you were doing.

Me: Oh! Wow. Well, Erik's going to The Fillmore to see The New Mastersounds so I have the kids. I was hoping to go into the city for an in-store at Amoeba.

The Mom: So you're busy.

Me: Yeah. But thanks for thinking of me. Let me know next time. I'd love to go out.

The Mom: I didn't want you to come with, I wanted you to babysit. (Laughter)

Me: (Shocked)

The Mom: Don't worry about it.

Me: (Shocked)

Seriously, during this whole exchange not once did I get the impression that I wasn't being invited to go out for adult fun. So it felt like a double-wammy once we all got on the same page. Now a few weeks ago, my daughter did attend a sleep over Birthday party at The Mom's house with six other girls. Do I owe her now? I think she thinks I owe her.

The Wizards of Waverly Place is another show on Disney, slightly more palatable than Hannah Montana. One of the few episodes I've seen numerous times involves the older brother thinking he's going on a date when actually he's charged with babysitting. Comedy ensues.

(We did go to the in-store and had a fun filled evening in the Haight. We secured street parking, had pizza at Escape From New York, ice cream from Ben & Jerry's and we petted many a dog. Good times. My kids are still not as keen on live music as I'd like. *sigh*)


Miss Grace said...

You don't owe her on the birthday party. Birthday parties do not count in the who's-been-to-whose-house-more tally.

Rockzee said...

I don't think you owe her. I think she owes you. What a C U Next Tuesday.

Miss Know It All said...

I'm with Rockzee - What a C U Next Tuesday. That's about the rudest thing I've heard lately.

mrs. blogoway said...

Sounds like you're making friends if people already think you "owe" them babysitting. LOL.

Dana said...

Holy crap! Umm, that woman is rude! She doesn't have a clue!

So, basically she wanted to see if you actually had plans before asking so then if you didn't, you "couldn't" say no! I can't stand people like that. Ugh.

Which Box said...

Whoa. That is an amazingly horrifying story.

But, hey, fun filled evening in the Haight. Not bad.

I am amazed myself at how many times I'll find myself echoing one of my parent's preferences. Something I didn't even realize I picked up from them. I bet your girls will develop their live music snobbery when they are away at college. (if not in high school).

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