Tuesday, February 24, 2009

TMI about my eye

So Magpie and Niobe have a little visionary thing going on. I'd love to participate, however my eye is currently not photo worthy.

Have you ever gotten a sty? I'm predisposed to them. It's essentially an eye pimple. So sexy.

I felt one coming on last Wednesday night. So Thursday, to be precautionary and because it's recommended, I went with my glasses vs. contacts. But instead of improving the darn thing continued to swell and swell and swell. It was like the opposite of Christmas, waking each morning to discover exactly what my face would look like. (scary). And it hurt. (like hell).

Yesterday, after I examined my eye I rushed straight to my optometrist. The white of my eye seemed to be turning yellow but just in one spot. Dr. Google had nothing to say on this matter, save for a diagnosis of jaundice. The real doctor was not available but the receptionist gave me some Lubriderm®. I failed to mention I had some prescription drops in my pocket that Dr. Google said would treat viral, bacterial and fungal infections and they don't expire until 2/09. (Leftovers from my brush with severe conjunctivitis in '07.)

So today, nearly one week later, I'm still wearing my glasses. It's considerably better. I knew we were heading towards healing when the pain of the puff turned into an ameliorating itch.

I had the girls inspect my yellowing eye whites. Lula inquired, "Mom, do you have asthma or asthma related symptoms? Because you should contact your doctor if you have swelling, difficulty breathing or yellowing of the eyes. These could be a symptom of a serious illness. Side-effects include...."

She was quoting the advisory voice over for some pharmaceutical TV spot word for word.

"Nope, no asthma sweetie." I answered.

She just patted my hand and stared into my good eye sympathetically. I bit my tongue and spared her my jokes about my enlarged prostate and an erection lasting longer than 4 hours.


Questions of the day

1) Should I go to BlogHer '09? Are you?

2) Do you/would you flush a tampon down the toilet?


Anonymous said...

Ahhh!! I have one, too! I went to the optometrist and apparently, I'm in need of reading glasses due to my partially blind left eye, as well. He's had me using hard boiled eggs as a hot compress to pop the grotesque little bugger. Grodey. Good luck with yours!

xx Britta

mrs. blogoway said...

For question 1- YES! I just checked airfare again for BlogHer and it's come down. There was one for $220 from DFW. You should check out the prices from SF... we'd have so much fun.

Miss Grace said...

1) Yes/Yes
2) Yes unless there's one of those signs that says DON'T.

Average Jane said...

1) Yes/Yes
2) No


Magpie said...

I'm going to BlogHer, and I do flush tampons. However. Once upon a time, and long ago, my father had an unfortunate encounter with the main drain of the house...because of a tampon. They can and do get stuck in the plumbing. So, I live dangerously.

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