Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thin Mints Dense Mom

So last year, I dutifully accompanied Hazel around our neighborhood to knock on doors and take orders for girl scout cookies. Then a month later, I dutifully drove around with a trunk full of boxes to help her deliver the cookies. And how I wish that was the end of the story.

The problem arose when the deliveries were met with a slew of people who either weren't home, moved or were hiding in their closets. Determined, I organized a few orders with post-it notes of the name/address of the recipients and I would try to catch the unsuspecting customers as I drove through the neighborhood running my various errands. Well, that was the plan. Except that I can only assume in a rush to deliver and make it to school, work, church or happy hour on time— I drove off with the master list of orders on the roof of the car and it was never to be found again.

*NOTE: If you are still waiting for your '08 cookie delivery, they AREN'T coming. Please address your complaints to my thighs.

So of course this year, I vowed to try a different approach. I decided to lose the order form BEFORE the cookies had even arrived. So now I have over 100 boxes of cookies in my living room and little to no idea who they are for. Well, I know who ordered, I just don't know their order per se.

Whadaya mean, you don't want the sugar free chocolate chip?

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Mecca said...

As far as I am concerned Girl Scout cookies exists for two reasons: to make me hate my scales more than I already do, and to torture moms. Ella's FIRST year as a GS was wonderful, and then cookie time rolled around. The other mothers in the group started telling me how fun it was to be "cookie mom" and since I wanted to be "super mom" I took the job. On the way to the car that night I started thinking about those weird smiles they all had on and the way they clapped when I took the job. It proved to be the worst job I have ever had, even worse than the laundry mat job in Commerce. All that said, the next year I was grinning and clapping my ass off when another newbie volunteered to be cookie mom! Good luck

Daisy said...

Snicker - snort! I was a Girl Scout and later a Leader and Leader Trainer, but I've never been Cookie Mom. Thank heavens!

movin' down the road said...

HA HA HA! Oh gosh. That is really NOT GOOD.

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