Thursday, February 12, 2009

Let's Talk About Sex, Baby

So last week I was watching a movie NetFlix recommended for me called A Walk On The Moon. I thought perhaps I was the only person on the planet to have viewed this cinematic masterpiece, but then my friend Stef said she'd seen it at least six times.

Have you seen it? If you haven't here is the trailer.

(Note: There is this scene where Pearl and the Blouse Man steal away to a riverbed which rivals all of the movie sex I have ever witnessed. Or maybe I am in dire need of a spa retreat with multiple shower heads.)

Later that day, I read this article titled "Phew! I'm not the only woman who hated sex while married." on the BlogHer homepage.

The article is based off a momlogic survey that found: Of the 2,500 married women who particpated in this poll, 50% said they found sex either depressing, embarassing or a hassle. Moreover, 29% said they were just too tired, 26% said they would rather read a book, and 23% had sex only because they wanted their husbands to be happy.

The author of the Phew! post summed up her thoughts by saying:

All I know for sure is that now that I'm single again and have discovered there's NOTHING wrong with my current sex drive, I'll never hand over my body like a plate of chicken again. I'll never make placations and excuses, nor have 'obligatory sex' again. Cause my body is an extension of ME; and ALL of me deserves to be treated like gold. And I now KNOW that a woman's body never lies. -Delaine

Okay. So here I am in the middle of just having seen one of the hottest sex scenes ever between a bored housewife and a blouse man and a divorcee who finds it easy to get excited about the prospect of sex with a new man.

I'm not a math genius, but I think we're comparing apples to oranges.

Yes, married sex is not the stuff that sells movie tickets. (Unless it's a comedy.) But as a married woman, I don't think it is fair to lump lackluster sex life as a symptom of a failing marriage. Add to that a panic inducing statistics and I am so far away from that waterfall in Upstate New York. I guess what I am trying to say, is I can see how it would be easy to have new sex with a new man and then say I used to hate sex with my husband. I think that you should call me after you've been having sex with the new guy for fourteen years and then we can compare notes.

Oh, and Viggo know where to find me.