Friday, January 23, 2009

Weekly Roundup: Week Two

Here's my second weekly roundup. And they said it couldn't be done.

Actually, I have a track record of being fast out of the gate. Look for me to lag in week 3 or 4. Here's my take on who is doing what this week.

Doing Okay:

Lost fans. Yay! Your show is back on. I don't watch Lost. I mean I will - with my laptop on my lap. But I just look at the cast and wonder how the oldest brother on Party of Five got stuck on that island and where has Jennifer Love Hewitt gone? This really throws me on Dexter where I spend the whole show questioning how David/Michael Hall switched teams and now who's running the funeral home. Some characters are hard for me to shake. I do watch Top Chef! (see below)

Oscar Nominations. They've been announced. I need to see Frost/Nixon and might take in Slum Dog Millionaire this weekend.

Social Calendar. I signed the girls up for the area Father/Daughter dance and bought 3 tickets to the circus. There's a chili cook-off I'd like to go to next week. But the tickets are $50. That's some spendy beans.

Home Alone. Erik (my husband) was in LA most of the week on business. It was fun to have so much girly time and we survived with the car in the shop and my debit card MIA.

Pro-Netflix. We're back on and enjoying Netflix. We had used the service years ago and fell into the same trap everyone else does. Too much pressure, not enough interest. I figured out how to instantly watch the movies on my Mac (I falsely assumed that "watch on your PC" meant that Mac users were out of luck. Not true. Not true.) Comment me your recommendations. Lately I've really enjoyed: Surfwise, The King of Kong, Ballet Shoes. I did not like Henry Poole Is Here or Pineapple Express.

Not Doing Okay:
This Fox News Reporter in Detroit. Seriously on of the most hilarious things I've ever seen. I wish I could see the video when they explained to her what she suggested.

The economy. Oy. I can hardly read the newspaper. And several of the people I follow on twitter constantly report layoffs in my field. I found a post from August where I was fretting about the economy. All the comparisons to the great depression. It's scary. It's stressful. I'm sick of it.

Lame. I thought that the Bush twins letter to the Obama daughters was silly. I want to read what was in W's sealed letter Obama.

Pesky School Fundraisers. I just got a note in email from out PTA president regarding the fall fundraiser. Apparently if you bought the peanut butter cookie dough it has been recalled due to the salmonella scare. Uh oh.

Potty mouth. There is so much poor language on Top Chef. I wish Padma would wash some mouths out with soap. We watch it as a family. Don't make me switch back to Disney Channel.

Girl Scout Cookie Sales. This just in. Last year I felt like cookie sales were a TON of work for me. That my weekends in were dominated by supervising sales and ultimately delivering cookies. While we were all getting ready this morning Hazel said, "Yay! It's Friday we get to sell cookies all weekend."

So Happy Friday everyone! Can I interest you in some thin mints?


Shaping Youth said...

Actually, you can... ;-) Did they ever get the transfat out of those thin mints? I love Netflix too, and didn't know that about the Mac either; good tip!

Fun to find your blog via Tracee's post, and yes, Vanessa, 'you're doin' ok!' Best, Amy

movin' down the road said...

I take it the peanut butter sandwiches arent for sale this year? Can I get those caramel chocolate coconut ones?!?!?

mrs. blogoway said...

Oooh, let's be friends on netflix then I can see the movies you like. Seriously, I trust you.

Shaping Youth said...

Hi gang, the difficulty of e-mail, gmail and blogosphere mails is with 8000+ I'm in tmi and things get buried, so am only seeing this NOW. egad. sheesh. Needless to say, my Netflix are far from au courant...on a par with my email, plus there are too many users on my account which don't account for taste ;-) heehe That said, let's see, right now in my queue I'm about to watch "This Movie is Not Yet Rated" about the media/ratings industry debacles and how it's akin to a Tower of Babble...

p.s. So I don't lose you again, know I'm easy to find on the blog, or on I'm about to declare email bankruptcy in overload mode. ;-)

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