Friday, January 16, 2009

Weekly Roundup: Week One

Ah, yes, I bet you were just thinking to yourself "I wish AIMO would start another one of her series posts that piddle out after a few weeks". Well my friends YOU are in luck.

I bring you the Am I Doing Okay? week in review.

This will be a series (stop laughing) where I let you know who is and isn't doing okay in pop culture, advertising, parenting, politics and murder investigations.

Not Doing Okay:

Oh, No "O" didn't. So Oprah's ex-boyfriend says they had wild sex and she forced him to freebase. Note: The site is a web design don't.

Amanda Knox. The Seattle exchange student on trial for murder in Italy. She playa the sexa game? I learna about Italian judicial system.

The residents Preston Hollow a prominent Dallas neighborhood. Somebody is getting a new neighbor.

The guy who twittered about Memphis being a hell hole right before his big FedEx meeting. So glad that wasn't me.

Everyone in the Northeast. It was -15 yesterday in my husband's Vermont hometown. I guess snowplow businesses and people who sell home heating oil are happy.

Big Love starts a new season on Sunday. I don't have HBO. And I don't have nary a sister wife. Man if I did — I'd slip birth control pills into her water bottles and rearrange the schedule so she did all the cleaning and most of the cooking. Which reminds me, I need a sitter for next Tuesday.

Doing Okay:

Barack Obama and the rest of the whole United States of America. Yay us & US!

Guess WHAT? Somebody WON that wedding photography package. Thank you to everyone who voted from my blog or twitter post. I'm sure that my push for votes will keep me in favorite daughter-in-law status for at least 5 more months.

Nienie is back!

Captain Sully, crew & all the passengers who landed safely in the Hudson River yesterday.

Movin's going to visit her piano player on some exotic island next month! Need a wintery respite? Read about her topless sunbathing and other adventures.

Tracee Sioux launched The Girl Revolution. I think I've entered almost every one of her giveaways. Announce the winners already.

Niobe is a mommy. (I'm completely bummed that she might quit blogging. But so happy that her baby has arrived.)

And congrats to Ryan. Who announced and impending bundle this week.

That's what I've got for you this week. Happy Friday!