Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It's a Brand New Day

Around our house we try to rock a whole positive thinking approach. We actively think good thoughts and ask the universe to bless us. Why, just last Saturday we stood inside the La cattredale d'Italia ovest arms outstretched receiving all the good things that come our way. And not half an hour later, wouldn't you know it, hot steam spewed from the hood of our car and all the coolant leaked in to a huge puddle filling the parking lot.

We had a broken water pump and begrudgingly I tried to look on the bright side. It CAN be fixed. We CAN pay for it to be fixed. We CAN walk or bus everywhere until it is fixed.

This whole positive approach is somewhat against my nature. And as I try to recite affirmations and will good things my way, I occasionally miss having a girlfriend or a therapist to complain to. What's more, it is really difficult to let go of all the indiscretions and rotten luck of my troubled past.

But as we all stand on the brink of the new dawning of Obama's America, I vow to try harder. I just need to get this one thing out:

You. You know who you are. You were a real asshole. I wish I had told you when I had the chance. But now, I release you. With love. because that's what they say you are supposed to do, but should you drown in my released love, so be it.

Happy Inauguration. Let the healing begin.