Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Pity, party of one

This arm break is a serious problem. I'm still in the temporary cast so essentially I haven't actually started healing. Every once in awhile, I move the wrong way and I feel the bones give and a wave of pain rushes through my body that makes me wish I was in labor. I have to type and do everything with my left hand. I'm right handed. I essentially can't work or work out. It's difficult to sleep - even with the medication.

I've already irritated my mom and my husband. So on top of the fact that I haven't showered since Sunday, I also have to apologize and make nice with the two worst caregivers I know. All of my Christmas craftiness has been shot to hell - along with the ice skating, gingerbread house making and snowboarding. (The girls and I put up our tree and lights on Sunday.)

I see the Doctor on Friday. Erik seems to think that they will have to immobilize my entire arm. That it will be fixed in some sort of awkward jutted out position until Spring.

I think I'll go get a manicure. I'm pretty sure I won't be able to chip the polish on my swollen sausage-sized fingers.


Dijea said...

I am soooooo feeling for you. Hope its all better soon.

Biddy said...

awww honey!

send me a ticket. i'm an AWESOME caregiver and i'll totally be your right hand woman! and? i'll totally get your christmas craftiness done for you

mrs. blogoway said...

Awww, Biddy beat me to it. I want to be your house ho. LOL.
Just keep thinking positive... hopefully your arm is healing itself right now and no contraption like that will be needed.

Your holiday plans just got smashed, but you can always think outside the box and do some other things. Maybe have a contest with the girls telling the best Christmas story or something like that. If you get to feeling too sorry for yourself just watch "The Diving Bell and the Butterfly".

Magpie said...

Oof. So sorry about your arm.

Miss Grace said...

Oh honey. The bathing restrictions are the worst part, I think.

At least you're not breastfeeding or something?

Am I doing okay? said...

Ha! That's funny... b/c the last time I broke my arm I was breastfeeding.

Anonymous said...

Oh my - I am so sorry. That looks (pic on post below) really painful. I hope you are feeling better soon.
Jenny : )

Rockzee said...

"the worst caregivers I know"

I love it.

I owe you a phone call honey.

Soon, I promise.

Daisy said...

Ouch. My brother had his hair washed at a cheap salon for several weeks in a row; he had one leg and the opposite arm in casts. The lack of shower really bothered him, too. Wishing you good luck and swift healing!

BOSSY said...

Ohhhhhh, honey: sorry. The coincidence is that Bossy also held a Pity Party the beginning of this week... but you still win!

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