Monday, December 15, 2008

Hire Me

So this whole broken arm business has really hurt our finances. And at the same time everyone in my family finds the need to ask me about work. So yeah, I'm available for all of you copywriting needs. I'm especially qualified for writing jobs where speed and hygiene are optional.

It's all I can do to not scream at everyone I love: I CAN'T WORK BECAUSE I CAN'T BATHE.


mrs. blogoway said...

Oh bless your heart. People really can't help themselves, can they? Keep your chin up and you'll be on the mend soon.

Miss Grace said...

Oh honey. I'm sorry.

Geri said...

Gosh, I feel for you. I broke my ankle in March and was on crutches for over two months. I couldn't do anything because I couldn't walk. My sister-in-law broke her arm, and she said it was terrible because she couldn't do up her pants after she went to the bathroom.

I'll give you a prayer tonight, and I'm wishing you a quick and speedy recovery.

Tracee said...

Hire me is my blog post for tomorrow! Hire ME!

Kelley said...

I love you, stinky or not!

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