Monday, November 17, 2008

Roughing it

We took the girls camping Saturday night. The weather was forecast to be unseasonably warm. Like almost everything I pack for, I went with an under approach. It's one night. We'll get by - I thought. So I threw a few blankets and a few pillows into a bag. We rounded up our trusty tent and the one sleeping bag we had and headed West.

Five miles down the road, we encountered our first obstacle. The passenger's side rear tire systematically began to unravel in the fast lane of the 880.

A few hours and one stop at Big O later, we arrived at the campground. As the sun was setting, we quickly set up the tent, started our campfire and got down to the serious business of weenie roasting and s'more making. At exactly 6:46 the girls were begging to go to bed.

We were able to stave them off until the ripe ol' hour of 8:30. We all crawled into the tent. My plan was a pallet of sorts. We'd all share the blankets. Of course, it was colder than anticipated. The kids were fine. Thanks to a Groovy Girl™ sleeping bag. I ended up with the one of their hoodie sweatshirts tied around my head and a beach towel wrapped around my legs.

"I'm so cozy." Hazel exclaimed.

It was cold. And good grief that ground was hard. I mean, seriously, I had no idea. I thought I had enough padding with the sleeping bag and the blankets and what I'm managed to naturally accumulate on my own waist and thighs. My hips hurt, my shoulders hurt, my ears hurt. It was easily one of the longest nights of my life.

Around 4 am my husband exclaimed that he couldn't take it anymore and went to the car. Moments later I heard the ignition engage. That was my que, faster than the raccoons that ransacked our cooler, I zipped myself into that bag that had up into that point unsuccessfully held any body heat.

Later, I stumbled out into the night, opening the driver side door complaining that he was wasting gas and disturbing the other campers. Sports radio mumbled below. I crawled back into the tent and pulled the girls close.

At first light, I heard Erik start the car again. We all piled in and set off in search of coffee and cocoa. As I opened the door to the passenger's side I marveled at our new tire and the fact that Erik had spent the last few hours trying to get warm in the car with the passenger's window down.


rock said...

I love nothing more than a story of how dense men can be at times.

Thanks for the laugh this morning.

Miss Grace said...

That story ended perfectly. Hehe.

For future camping reference (assuming you haven't sworn it off forever), I take an inflatable mattress and just the bedding from my bed, and it works beautifully.

Biddy said...

that, my dear, is just a few reasons my version of camping is done in a 42 foot motorhome ;-)

Jenny said...

Ha! That is what he gets for abandoning the ladies for warmth. At least you got some good snuggle time in with your girls. : )

mrs. blogoway said...

I've had a few of those camping nights where you think the sun will NEVER rise...

It definitely makes you appreciate your own bed when you get back (and I recommend the air mattress and t-shirt sheets- so comfy).