Thursday, November 20, 2008

Can you keep secret?

We'd just walked in the front door. It was dark in the hall. I noticed it in the distance.

Lula took a few steps towards it and her jaw dropped to the ground.

"Get on the floor! Get on the floor!" I screamed sounding like a bank robber.

"Lula, go sit on your sister!" That was my next brilliant instruction.

Then I grabbed it and quickly moved it to my closet. Throwing a stack of sweaters over the box on the top shelf.

Somebody is getting a sewing machine for their 8th birthday. Now zip your lips.


Rockzee said...

What a great present!

From a great mom.

mrs. blogoway said...

I remember getting the "Sew Perfect" for my 11th b-day. Do you remember those? "snap in the cassette and sew... Sew Perfect!"

Jenny said...

I LOVE the command "Go sit on your sister!" That is hillarious!!!