Thursday, November 13, 2008


I think the passing of Prop 8 is what started my downward spiral into an all out fuss.

I felt sad. I felt confused. I felt stuck. And when someone twittered "Fuck You California!", I felt like I'd been slapped in the face.

Then I was watching this video over at and I got all nostalgic and remorseful remembering that I used to have a turtle. And when I thought I'd reached the depths of despair I remembered the turtle I used to have, lived in the house I used to own.

I mean of course, I'm happy in California! We live across the street from the beach for crying out loud! But in my ex-house, I had a Consumer Reports #1 rated LG stainless front loading washing machine. And now, I haul stinky socks and sheets down the hall. And heft the damp drawers into a dryer that I discovered (after almost posting passive aggressive note to the community bulletin board asking the perpetrator to: STOP OPENING THE DRYER MID-CYCLE OR DIE) independently pops open leaving the time running out and my clothes sitting damp. Did you follow that? For this joy, I have to keep track of pre-paid keycard and pay $1.25 a cycle. Unless the door pops open, in that case, I pay $2.50.

Recently, I discovered that a blogger I read has over 2000 followers on Twitter. Which is cool, except this blogger only follows two other people on Twitter. This really made me feel blah about the blogosphere. It's one thing, to have a huge blog following and say upfront, "Hey - I'm just too damn busy and popular to comment or answer my emails." But to expect us all to hang on every tweet and then realize that there isn't any give and take. You're just pushing out content. You tweet every five minutes and don't really even give a damn what anyone else thinks? It made me feel spammed in a new and not so nice way.

(Update:I just checked and Dooce has close to 20,000 followers and is able to follow 65 other people. That's all I ask. But because I love to eat crow, a certain other blogger I adore follows zero.)

And then I watched Away From Her. Yeah, I have a sick infatuation with really sad and depressing movies. But in case you need an excuse, this flick is the express ride to Zoloft-ville.

And then they announced Chicago as the host of BlogHer '09. And I couldn't really get all that excited about it. I had my heart set on Portland.

So, sorry for the break between posts, Mrs. Blogoway.

In summery, bitchy + twitter = Bitter.

Yeah, I'm down but I'm not so far gone that I can't make up cute little post titles about the state of my mood.


marathon mom said...

Chin up my friend. Don't make me insert links about embarrassing smack about the big D.

You are in your favorite place and LG or not, it feeds your soul.

Have a glass of wine in a plastic glass and feel better.

mrs. blogoway said...

Wow, that was a great post... I think we all want to keep it to ourselves when we're down but it really is great to share what's got us bummed out.

Prop 8 was a shock. They've been making a lot of jokes about it on Jon Stewart and Colbert Report (apparently the huge african american turnout voted it through). Very surprising though.

Think about Chicago though. It could be fun with the right girls. There's room in my room if you want, along with Jen from jlogged and Mona from

Jenny said...

Sounds like a bummer sort of a day. That Dooce is amazing isn't she? I have noticed that she posts new blogs and then has closed comments! Isn't the whole point of blogging the community? I guess when you have a bazillion people following you, you can't possibly follow them too.
It's amazing in this wave of technology how much we communicate with total and complete strangers isn't it? I have gotten totally addicted to checking in on blogs and keeping up with my bloggy friends' lives. Kind of voyeristic?
I hope you have a better day today! : )

Jen said...

You could room with the Bossy's road trip Dallas Gang + Mona @ kidira. TX girls know how to cut a rug. But I feel ya, I was engaged to Portland and pretty stoked that blogher '09 might be there.

Rockzee said...

I really enjoyed Chicago last year when we went and I bet the weather is better there in July than in Portland.

I'm not saying I'm going to BlogHer. I'm just saying.

If you need another depressing film reco...Rachel getting married. A film to slit your wrists by.

Dijea said...

I am kind of surprised about Prop 8 as well. I would miss my LG too. Feel better and I'm always excited to see your tweets.

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