Thursday, October 23, 2008

Word Of Mouth

As an advertising copywriter, I have had the opportunity to work on many brands.

I started my career writing for Pepsi. I did and still do prefer Coke.

I worked on McDonalds briefly. That experience coupled with the movie SuperSize Me have reduced my chances of winning their Monopoly game down to nil.

This week at work, a few of us were remembering projects of yore and came to the conclusion that after working on a brand you usually grow to despise it. Except for, we decided, HBO and Guinness.

I was reading Mom 101's post about how she's pitching in to help Obama.

A few of my friends have also used their talents to support Obama and the electoral process.

Check out this facebook application: My Barack for your Obama

And this site: Help Josh Decide.

While I don't have a National TV spot on air, or a politically related URL in the blogosphere, I am currently putting some persuasion on certain members of my family. I think that should classify as a regional campaign.


Mom 101's Spot:



mrs. blogoway said...

Absolutely loved the spot. Have you seen the Opie and Andy one?

Rockzee said...

Love it.

Mom101 said...

Thanks for the love mama - any praise from a fellow cw is worth double in my book.

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