Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What IS up?

I just saw this and I'm in love. The genius behind this is astronomical. Watch the first on for a reference. The second for a referral.

Psssst. It's the same actors, 8 years later.

Thanks to Eden at Fussy for the heads up.

And yeah. I know. I essentially STOLE her post and threw it up on my blog. But there's ONE WEEK left before the election and there's still some undecided voters out there. Oh, speaking of undecided voters, Dooce posted about David Sedaris' thoughts on that matter.

And when I say "undecided", I'm grouping my conservative family members into that lot and sincerely begging that they reconsider. That they look at the issues, the last eight years and put aside their prejudice. Things have to change.