Monday, October 20, 2008

No Joke

I've got some stories about Halloween costumes gone awry. And they aren't pretty.

There was 1992.

When I was going for this:

You know, because she had just done this:

Remember, that was the year, Sinaed O'Conner made headlines for ripping up a picture of the Pope on her SNL performance. So I wore a bald cap and flowing white dress and carried a picture of John Paul the II. I thought it was timely. I thought it satirical. I thought it was obvious.

Only this tough mean popular girl at work asked me if I was dressed up as this:

Yeah. Um, cause doesn't every young college girl want to be asked if they're dressed up as Uncle Fester?


Rockzee said...

What's everyone dressing up as this year? I just ordered the kids costumes last night. Yes, I order. I am so not a DIYer. Z is going to be a mermaid and Rock is going as Batman. We are not as conceptual as you are in the Halloween department.

Can't wait for your party. Did you see that Krit is coming? Yay!

Miss Grace said...

But if you HAD been Uncle Fester, that would have been sort of awesome.

that girl said...

What a beeeeyoch!

mrs. blogoway said...

V you make me laugh... that had to be awful. Sounds just like something that would happen to me. I got your email but won't be near Austin for Halloween-- I wish. Thanks for thinking of me though. Have you heard where blogHer will be held next year yet?