Monday, October 13, 2008

I knew there was something I forgot to do today.

If I was a sperm cell, I'd never be the one that actually impregnated the egg. I'd be on of the first guys out of the gate. All hell bent on my destination but eventually tracking off course, getting distracted and ending up a few feet short of the goal line.

What this has to do with everything, is that I signed up to participate in Mrs. G's Average Monday contest. And much like a surgeon with out a scalpel, I will attempt to recreate the events of the day with out my digital camera.

Riveting, I know. I had you at "sperm cell."

6:50 Wake. Put child with small bladder on the potty. Slip on shoes and take dog out to pee.

7:05 Make lunch boxes & kids' breakfast. Eggs, hash browns, yoghurt and orange juice.

7:50 Scramble about attempting to gather work items and child items and place in appropriate backpacks and computer bags.

8:15 Finally connect with child's teacher regarding dubious Room Parent assignment. Another example of premature enthusiasm leading to a failed accomplishment. Remember the sperm?

8:20 Travel to work with husband. Remark how bus seat is like carousel. Bus mates explode in uproarious laughter. *Slight exaggeration*

9:00 Work (Leave out details as not to incriminate myself bore you to death.)

5:30 Pick up children from after school program. Drive children back to school. Meet husband who rides with children home. Laugh as husband pops a wheelie across the school yard.

5:45 Check mail for the third time. Children inform me of national holiday, name Columbus' three ships and babble something about food storage before refrigeration. Children giggle at my feeble attempt to give Columbus credit of discovering the "new world". Hellllooooooo! There were already people living there. The Native Americans. Hellloooooooo!

6:30 Dinner. Homemade pizza, ravioli and pineapple. The broccoli never made it out of the fridge.

7:00 The great homework wrangle. Decide it is too easy. Fret that children aren't being challenged. Attempt to explain why "I don't know" does not constitute an answer on a fill-in-the blank question. Worry that they don't try harder on the easy stuff.

7:30 Fold two loads of laundry. Cajole dirtiest child into tub with chocolate tub soak salts. Discover they're salts by tasting. I have officially "drank her bath water" sort of.

8:00 Panic about tomorrow. The carpool. The violin lessons. What time is that meeting? How can I possibly get off early? I need to hurry to the Clinique counter for that free gift with purchase. Why aren't those children asleep? Ah, Tuesday - where once again I will attempt to succeed when it is beyond obvious that I have set myself up for failure. On your mark. Get set. Swim!


Zellmer said...

Does this imply the kids are biking to school? How awesome is that?

This was a fun post. You are BUSY!

Dijea said...

Ha! I have boys and don't have to share my bath salts/bath bombs or such.

Miss Grace said...

You absolutely had me at sperm cell.

mrs. blogoway said...


Thank your lucky stars for easy homework! My daughter's is so hard that I get headaches. Screw GT!