Sunday, October 12, 2008

Happily ever after

There are many issues on the ballot next month. A big one in California is Proposition 8 — gay marriage. I'm for it.

I tell all my gay friends they should get married. I think everyone has the right to be miserable create a life with the person they love. And I don't think the government or the church should have a say in the matter.

I just saw this commercial on the evening news. Basically, it says that your kid might learn that a same sex couple can wed in school.

Well, sway my vote. Because my kids surely won't learn that a same sex couple can marry from by being invited to such a ceremony by loving adults who have been roll models or caregivers or the parents of their friends.

You can make a button too. Even if you don't live in California.

More than teaching my children who they can and cannot marry. I try to not build marriage up as the ultimate destination status it seemed to be pedestaled to when I was growing up. Marriage was presented as a doorway to happiness, sexual fulfillment and financial security. As a girl, I remember plenty of conversations about not having sex before marriage and none about the importance of being a confident, self-supporting individual.

I try to build a self centered foundation for my girls. So that wherever they go and whatever they do they have the strength and courage. And then in the very distant future, when they're at least 30 (not kidding) they have my blessing to get married to whomever they love.

* Yeah, Erik and I have been "together" for 14 loooooooooooong years. Not all married, just all in love.


Zellmer said...

I'm also of the belief that marriage before age 30 is not recommended. And I also wish I hadn't been taught growing up that marriage is the ultimate goal in life, and the answer to eternal happiness. I don't know what the answer to eternal happiness is, but if it's marriage, shoot me now.

Miss Grace said...

I was bombarded by Yes on 8 commercials all weekend, and every one just made me more passionate about voting no.

My favorite line was, "If prop 8 fails, you're son will be learning that it's OKAY for a man to marry another man, when he's as young as 7 years old."
Um. Firstly I don't care. I would SUPPORT that learning. Second of all, what does that sentence mean??

mrs. blogoway said...

Congrats on 14 great years together! We've been together 14 too. I would love to hear more stories about Erik, if he's cool with that.

mrs. blogoway said...

P.S. Is that Cheney in that tv ad? LOL.

KathyR said...

Thanks for the link to that button thing. Those Yes on 8 ads are vile. The radio ads are just as bad.

~Denise said...

We've been together 14 too. Something weird must have been going on in 1994. :o)

Dijea said...

Yea on 14! I'm only at 13 1/2, but loving every minute.

I'm for the whole gay marriage thing too. I hate that there is still discrimination on that front and don't think by not having a law your kids won't find out about it. My son is more than aware of gay couples as he has informed me more than once that two boys in his class have two Moms instead of a Mom & Dad. The government needs to take a chill pill and stop dictating our morals.

Minnesota Matron said...

Terrific post! Happy Anniversary