Sunday, September 14, 2008

What's in a name?

When we lived in New York City, the local public radio station had the call letters WFUV. All US radio stations start with the W or a K depending on their location.  My name is Vanessa. Many of my friends call me V. And FU. You know what that stands for. 

So day in and day out, EVERY time the radio station said WFUV on air, I heard,  "F You Vanessa!"  I could never understand why the peace loving NPR DJs in a city of millions had it out for little ol' me?

Recently, I recieved an office issued email address that uses my first initial and the first 5 letters of my last name. In my case, Vlaymo. Here we go again. Every time I type it the voice in my head says, "Vanessa Lame-o! Lame-o! You're so lame-o!" Not great for the self esteem, but I'm working on letting it slide. And I'm secretly, hoping my co-workers aren't thinking poorly of me each time they compose an email.

For all of my life, the people closest to me have called me Ness. My parents, family and friends all lovingly refer to me as Nessie or Nessa, but mostly Ness. My husband, takes it a step further and adds an adjective: SweetNess, GoodNess, HappyNess. Awwww. Cute, huh? And now I have a hip-hop mogul and fashion icon jumping on the bandwagon. 

No Bitch Ass Ness.

No Bitch Ass Ness?!? Attacking my persona and my body on the television, internet and apparently for sale online and by counterfeiters alike. Oh dear. This is like the last thing I needed.