Saturday, September 20, 2008

Pulling a Double

When I was in college I waited tables at an extremely busy cajun restaurant Pappadeaux's. They had a rigorous training program and stringent set of rules. The uniform was militant. We had to wear orthopedic SAS® shoes, nude hose and a white oxford button down shirt starched hard. We were required to bring a $50 bank to each shift with prerequisite denomination including $5 in change. In addition, we all carried a wine opener and a lighter. You could be reprimanded at any moment if any piece of your uniform was missing or dirty. And we were vehemently prohibited from wearing any sort of  pieces of flair

There was a lot of BS to put up with at that job, but there was always a line of hungry people out the door. Which meant, in a pinch, I could pick up an extra shift and secure the cash I needed for something important like say, my rent. A double shift meant you were on your feet for over 12 hours serving up fried seafood and jambalaya until almost midnight. 

One night after a particularly grueling day I remember coming home taking off my apron, turning on the TV and sitting down on my bed only to wake up with my apartment flooded with sunlight and still dressed in my uniform.

I think I feel exactly the same sort of tired tonight. Only now I'm not wearing a bow tie.


Jenny said...

Wow! I had forgotten about that one. That movie is hillarious, the opening scene where he's driving in traffic - have driven in THAT traffic! Thanks for the clip. I'm thinking I'm going to wear some flair to work tomorrow, see if that makes my Monday better... I"ll let you know! :)

BTW J.A. still looks really young, do you think her secret is long hair?

zellmer said...

Fun flashback. I never waited tables. I always knew I'd be terrible at it.

Miss Grace said...

Does leaving off the bowtie make it better, or worse?

mrs. blogoway said...

My first waitressing job, I approached the table of 5 to get everyone's order. (I had been told to just memorize every order without writing it down... that it looks more professional). I listened carefully to all of them order, walked to the kitchen, and went TOTALLY blank. I ended up having to go tell them that I was new and needed them to order again. Can you say embarrasing?!

another good thing said...

I tried full service waitressing twice and both times wondered WHY?? The best waitress job is still the cocktail server- you get your tip AS SOON as you drop the drinks- and drunks are usually more generous than fathers of four after an hour long meal.
Oh, and I'll take a nap for you today.