Friday, September 26, 2008

Nice Zit

So I stopped by the Bay Area Blogger Mixer last night. My two word assessment of the evening was: BlogHer Lite.

The room was packed, there was food and drinks and people passing out their cards. I met many fun and interesting bloggers. Saw a few familiar faces from the actual BlogHer conference. Saw a few lonely name tags of people who didn't make it that I had hoped to see. In the end, I wish I had spent twice as long at the mixer vs. missing two buses and hanging out half the night in the AC bus terminal.

(You'd think that I'd have gotten the hang of reading a transit schedule by now. Don't assume that they're all alike. They are not.)

OK - so at the mixer. There was a man with a video camera. He worked the room asking people to say the name of their blog, their blog address and a brief description. I had about thirty seconds to prep my answer. The words just kind of flew out of my mouth.

I say I have a carefree approach to parenting. Bahahahahahahahahahahahahah!

I come in around the 8:50 mark. I stutter. I stumble. I have a HUGE pimple above my brow.

I don't really think I have a carefree approach to parenting. As if. I think have an insecure, judgmental, fear-based, loving, proud, intense, laid-back, supportive, nurturing, overwhelmed, anxious, careful approach to parenting.

And I hate to have my picture taken.


mrs. blogoway said...

You were great and it came across how fun you are! I would have totally frozen up.

P.S. Who's the guy at 6:52? He was so shy and cute.

Daisy said...

I have to admit, I envy those of you who live in areas with many other bloggers. I doubt if I'll get to mix and mingle with others IRL unless I get to BlogHer; and that's not likely.

Dijea said...

You were awesome! I didn't even notice the zit.

stepping over the junk said...

You are terribly cute! I don't see a zit. So there you go.

agnes said...

Don't pop your zits!! I am 13 and have acne. I am doing a big research paper on acne and during my research i saw several pages that said if you pop them it damages the tissue in your face and spreads the oil to cause other zits.



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