Friday, September 5, 2008

Everyone makes mistakes

No. I'm not talking about

(Although, am I the only one who was SHOCKED she accepted the nomination? Heaven help us. I'll borrow the phrase and fact that Sarah Palin would be a 72 year old heartbeat away from the presidency. Don't even get me started on my tolerance for McCain. McNooooooo!)

Okay- mistakes I have made. So I thought I'd tipped the scales yesterday when I committed TWO of my most common email errors. Number one: sending out a work email and forgetting to add the attachment. Ugh - I really hate it when I do that!

Another doozy I do quite frequently is sign off with a Thank Your as my email salutation. Embarrassingr! Although I read once the you/your mistake is quite common and obviously not caught by spell check.

As a salve to the blunders, I'll bring up other peoples mistakes. I got an email late last night from my daughter's first grade teacher with this post script:

P.S. Sorry about the multiple emails….I finally figured out how to do a distribution list, but while I was practicing I sent you 2 accidental emails with subject lines ANNE and WOW (ah, technology)! Please delete these emails. Thank you!

Yep. She sent at least four emails to the class list, including sending the correct subject/message two times. I bet she's happy that the WOW email wasn't intended for her girlfriend distribution list and ranted about how she really feels being trapped in a room with 20 six year old all the day long. And that one child, Lola or Lulu or Lula (what kind of name is that?) does she have any volume control? I'll be deaf by 27. For reals. TGIF. PS - What time is happy hour? The bell rings at 1:50. Text me.

And a mistake that is even worse. This belongs in the Guinness Book of email errors. An advertising agency in New York accidentally sent out an email detailing major layoffs to its entire staff vs. the senior management team it was intended for. Their document INCLUDED the powerpoint attachment with a script of what to say to the people being let go, the people who remain and the agencies clients. OUCH! Get the PDF in case your looking to let go of some employees, want to thank your lucky stars you don't work in advertising or just generally want to feel better about your individual situation.

This morning I was on a conference call at 7:30 am. Everything was going swimmingly, New York was loving my presentation, I was going to be able to wrap it up in time to walk the girls to school. So of course, as we were discussing next steps and saying good bye I interjected a hearty "Thanks Mike!" before hanging up the phone.

His name is Matt.

What do you think the chances are that he didn't hear me?


In other who gives a sh*t news:

Mama got an iphone! It's official the iphone product life cycle has moved from early adaptors.

I contacted a "sponsor" and get to try a new product for free! Look for that feature coming soon.

I was interviewed for a magazine article about the ridiculous trend of bras for young girls after she googled "childrens bras" and found this post. Actually, I get quite a few readers from that search. Hi, Pervs! Present reporter company excluded.

Going back and reading that, reminded me that I have almost been blogging for one whole year. Just call me Dooce, Jr and send gifts. Lots of gifts. In blue boxes or office envelopes stuffed with cold hard cash.

I got less than five hours of sleep last night.

Have a great weekend.

Thank your -V


Jennifer/The Word Cellar said...

I wrote a post about my first bra and get a lot of visitors searching for that topic. I prefer to believe there's an army of budding tweens searching Google about their upcoming underwear purchase. But I fear it may be an army of perverts instead. Ew, indeed!

zellmer said...

Funniest post ever.

But you forgot to mention that your presentation was well liked, and with only a few typos!

mrs. blogoway said...

congrats on one year. You're so good, I thought you've been doing this forever.

You will LOVE your iPhone, I do!