Monday, August 18, 2008

You say PTO. I say PMS.

Hey - headhunter lady, you're getting on my nerves.

Remember when you wanted to "get together" for a meet-and-greet right in the middle of the first morning session of BlogHer? And how I offered to meet you at a different time and then you wrote back and said "we could reschedule, because you wouldn't want me to miss my class".

I would say it was at that moment that we got off on the wrong foot.

I didn't really let it get to me when you suggested that I meet you 15 minutes before the interview you had arranged, I just showed up earlier to ensure that I'd make it to the interview on time.

HIndsight, should have been a flag.

Then last week, you rubbed me the wrong way with your email correspondence. It seemed to be dripping with tone. You used the phrase: like I mentioned to you previously which I translated directly to I told you this already you halfwitted nimrod .

So today, the aforementioned day that you said you would have more information. More information for the position that they needed to fill immediately. The man who answered the phone said you would be out of the office ALL WEEK.

Uh. So not only do I NOT remember what you like mentioned to me previously, I also do NOT remember you telling me that you had no intention of working the day that the big news was due.

But we're all good, 'cause you sent me that email alerting me to the fact that you'd be out all week on PTO.

Yeah, you used the acronym. Our relationship has come to this? Using single letters to represent a simple words?
OMG. It's cool. Just let me know ASAP. Until then I'll STFU.


Your BFF -V


'That Girl' said...

Nice.. I HATE a sugary,sweet passive agressive jab. I would rather be literally bitch slapped.

Denise said...

AMEN 'that girl'!!! I totally agree!!!! Can't STAND it.

Miss Grace said...

Ooh I hate her.

Ms Picket To You said...

you? you are my kind of woman.

another good thing said...

Time to find new HH, IMHO.

mrs. blogoway said...

I can see you're her #1 priority. LOL. Hope you find something great on your own! All you need is your foot in the door and then they'll see your cute little face and won't be able to live without you!

Tracee said...

I can't sound out enough of the acronyms to get the joke. PTO? TTYL? and the BFF-V?

I'm not cool enough to get a head hunter.

marathon mom said...

What a mofohofosho.