Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Thirty minutes or less

Yesterday Slouching Mom hit the nail on the head.

This week, I've been parenting full time while also attempting to look for work and settle into our new home. While an hour hour of solitude to write would be nice. A few moments to find my sanity is needed.

In the span of less than five minutes today Lula managed to spill a Diet Coke™ down my pants, stick a feather in my ear, clear a shelf to house her new yet to be purchased fish and start making blueberry muffins. She makes my head spin.

Hazel on the other hand. Cleaned her room, did four loads of laundry, finished her dissertation and mailed out handmade change of address cards to all of our friends and family.


Biddy said...

lol could send hazel my way??

'That Girl' said...

I really need to get me a Hazel.