Saturday, August 23, 2008

Live from the Apple Store

So the attempts to wait 24 hrs to restart did NOT restore the computer back to full working order. I made an appointment at the nearest store and prepped for attempting to be vague and demand expedited repair.

Except, we arrived a few minutes late.

And we'd never been to this outdoor retail space.

And just the day before, my new freelance gig had casually mentioned that I would need to BYOL - Bring Your Own Laptop.

So when we walked out of the store with a new appointment scheduled. And then Erik decided to mumble something along the lines of:


and then my brain exploded and I contemplated divorce.

And then I marched back into the Apple store and secured a stand by appointment and when MARIA "The BEST Apple employee ever" called my name and I came 100% clean. Threw my cards all out on the table and slid all my chips into her hands. It's damaged. Needs repair. Orange Juice. Divorce.

It's been about half an hour. And she replaced the battery and it is working and maybe, just maybe we'll all live happily ever after.


What Happens Next... said...


I so *heart* Apple and their employees. Glad this is working out for you. Whew.

And I'll be keeping my fingers crossed regarding the marraige. haha.

xo Debbie

What Happens Next... said...

And of course I know it's spelled "marriage".


xo Debbie

Biddy said...

the divorce papers will read "divorce due to apple and orange juice"

glad you're up and running girl!

zellmer said...

Freelance gig?

We need a catch up IM session stat!

Denise said...

So happy it is finally fixed for you!! Yeah Apple! :o)

'That Girl' said...

Oh wow, that's a classic that girl experience, the ironic freelance request, the attempt at being vague and the husband muttering..So glad you went back in though.

another good thing said...

My APple store experience was about the same-- except they kept me in there with the gate closed to make sure i went home with a working MACBOOK.That extra service plans rocks.

Tracee said...

God Bless those Geniuses!

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