Monday, August 11, 2008

I live on an Island

Se we're getting settled in Alameda.

It's an island. We choose to settle here because it seemed more manageable than the city and we'd heard good things about the schools. And Erik came here ONCE and there were kids swimming in the ocean and real live kite boarders and sunshine and that pretty much sealed his deal.

People often ask how the girls are handling the transition and truthfully, it really wasn't that hard to convince them to move once we mentioned the proximity to the Pacific Ocean. They wanted a house where they could see the waves out of their window. (Don't we all.) We settled with a 2 bedroom apartment across the street from the beach with tennis courts out our back door. We've secured racquets. There is a dog park within walking distance. A state park. Shopping is a mile away. School is close.

The locals call it the Island. Which I think adds an air of mystique mixed with hint of sass. I'll use it a sentance: There are a few (private schools, auto part stores, dive bars) on the island. Oh, see mysterious with just a bit of attitude.

We're figuring it all out. I like the fact that if I get lost, I'll eventually hit water.


John said...

Welcome to the island!

I'm sure you'll love it here, and if you need any pointers feel free to drop me a line - I've been living on the island for over 10 years now having moved here from England!

zellmer said...

Look at you. Before long, the entire Island will be reading your blog.

Can't wait to visit.

Denise said...

That sounds wonderful! I think it is great that you are making your dreams a reality.

Tracee said...

color me jealous!

Jen said...

Eagerly anticipating pictures. Lucky girl!

'That Girl' said...

What Tracee said. I googled it..looks awesome.

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