Friday, August 1, 2008

35mm pictures are a bunch of ho-bag sluts

Hazel was born before digital cameras. And because she was the firstborn we took thousands of pictures of her. And because when you dropped off your film for developing there was often that little box or special offer where you could get doubles and even triples for 99¢, we now have boxes and boxes and boxes of pictures. Add that to the albums and albums and the photo boxes and the framed photos. I'm drowning in a sea of high quality glossy paper.

And I swear they get together and procreate. I've run across the exact same photo in four different boxes and two different albums. Whores - all of 'em.

Then there is the boxes and albums of pre-baby pictures. Those wild NY nights where it seemed like a perfectly sane idea to snap candids of office mates at the happy hour turned late night turned ugly. I've already thrown away almost every picture of people who have once again become strangers to me.

I keep going through boxes and culling them down but seriously there are so many it is making my head spin.

Oh, and I have a bag (a whole bag) of those disposable cameras that I have never gotten developed.

I wish someone would have taught that Kodak to keep her shutter closed.


zellmer said...

Oh, please scan and post some oldie but goodies of us being young and cool. The bangs! The overalls!

Am I doing okay? said...

LOL. The overalls. Good lord, I blame The Gap™.

Maggie, Dammit said...

I have that same shitstorm happening at my house (my poor, poor eldest child) but it's further mucked up by my SCRAPBOOKING PHASE.


Anonymous said...

We took a TON of pictures of #1 and #2. They are ten yrs apart so it was almost like having two #1's. Poor #3 and 4 have *some* pictures but not as many. Good thing my kids look alot alike as babies. I just tell whoever says "Is this me, Mama?" : "Why, yes, Apple Dumplin'...look what a beautiful baby you were...!"

marathon mom said...

Sounds like you need a girls scrapbook weekend =) !

Tracee said...

I've got 7-8 rolls of 35 mm film in a drawer. One of these days I'm going to get sick of feeling cheap and guilty every time I open the drawer and just huck the whole handful in the trash.

Then feel guilty for the rest of my life for not valuing the photos of my children enough.

35mm is expensive.

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