Monday, July 21, 2008

Text me about it

I opted to receive my flight info via text message. So the phone just made its whirly sound alerting me to the fact that my flight is delayed an hour and will now be arriving home at one o'clock in the morning. Which would be completely devastating if not for the fact that I flew stand-by on the morning flight and am now safely and sweatily at home. Yay 105°!

I'm moving to California tomorrow.

My husband has been dutifully packing and liquidating. Did you know that when you sell to a builder who plans to tear down your house and replace it with one four times the size you can also sell all of its contents?

At this very moment, a team of workers are dismantling our fence. Another group is taking our garage door. Gone are the cabinets, refrigerator, sofa, ceiling fans, light fixtures. It's all gone. As, my father-in-law likes to say it is much easier to move cash.


stepping over the junk said...

oh wow. I had no idea. what a way to get the most out of your sale! YAY California! My old home state.

Jenny (Biscuit Is the Answer) said...

Oh my gosh! How fabulous! You don't have to move any of that, and you get to go shopping for new stuff when you get there! I hope all goes smoothly.

Biddy said...

wow! that's crazy!

fare thee well!!

i'll have to come see you in cali!

Amanda said...

Good for you, how very exciting!

'That Girl' said...

I was wondering about that! I was fretting all weekend about valuable things like doors, and copper going to waste.

I'm envious of the California thing (and the husband who will pack)

'That Girl' said...

Will you be needing to store any of that cash for a while? I've got lots of room.

What Happens Next... said...

It seems we've crossed paths. Me coming to Texas suddenly, you going to California.

I wish you all the best in your next life chapter. I will keep up with you through your blog. *wave*

xo Debbie

Nanette said...

Very exciting! What part of Cali? I'm in So. Cal, used to live in Central Cal.

zellmer said...

I heard we got some more toys coming our way. Thanks in advance.

Just one comment away from double digits honey!

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