Friday, July 18, 2008

Take THAT T-Mobile

My two year contract with T-Mobile ended on July 13th. Just two days after the release of the new iPhone G3. A phone I have coveted and painstakingly yearned for, for over a year. I am officially a free woman. You'd think that T-Mobile would be pursuing me like a jilted lover. But true to the form of my life, they've left me hanging on, put me under their thumb. Due to the unique circumstances that only this month could produce - mainly phone interviews and new housing inquires, I unbelievably about half way through through my billing cycle I have used up the bulk of my minutes.

Many calls to T-Mobile procured me 200 bonus minutes. What I've been known to use in a day now has to last me over two weeks. Ten days before the minutes reset, the old phone of Erik's I had been using ever since I dropped my hot pink Razor in the toilet died. Ironically, I secured a ancient hot pink replacement that Stef instantly deemed "disco" from craig's list. But it barely works.

Today, my bill officially closes. And right now, my blogging business card sits in Type Pad fishbowl waiting to be picked out to win the much lusted after iPhone. So T-mobile, it has been thousands of dollars of real. And Apple, it is (hopefully) about to be much more fun. Until then I will horde the twenty-three minutes that I have left with T-mobile until 9pm.