Wednesday, July 9, 2008


When I was 27 weeks pregnant with Lula, I slipped on some ice in a parking lot in Steamboat, Colorado and broke my ankle. I spent the last two days of my vacation hospitalized and having a series of plates and screws surgically inserted into my ankle while Lula was carefully monitored in uetero.

When the OB made his rounds I mentioned that I was experiencing some "leaking" and I was pretty sure it was pregnancy related incontinence but could he just check it out. In the span of what felt like 2.5 seconds I was suddenly surrounded by a team of doctors, a priest and an orange jump-suited life flight team.

With barely a second to blink, I was loaded on to a prop plane en route to a Denver hospital with an appropriate level NICU unit. Upon arrival, the neo-natal specialist described her course of action. She was going to fill my womb with blue dye using the same needle commonly used during an amnio. Then I would insert a tampon and we'd wait to see. If I was "leaking" blue then I would be delivering a less than 2 lb. baby that day, if not I'd be kicked to the curb with out so much as my crutches that, along with my husband and first child, didn't get to enjoy the scenic flight over the Rocky Mountains.

Luckily. Thankfully. Miraculously. I did not deliver a baby in early February of 2002.

For the 13 remaining weeks, my husband and I nervously awaited the arrival certain she'd come out with an azure hue.

Six years later our wait is over.

Lula took home first place in our cartoon-themed 4th of July parade in the humor category. Making her parade and costume obsessed mother very, very proud.