Wednesday, July 16, 2008


My living room is full of boxes.

My bags are not packed.

Nor is my life or my belongings.

I board a plane first thing tomorrow morning.

Have an interview at 1pm PST.

Meet Stef at 4pm PST.

Check in for BlogHer and spend the next three days in a blogging whirlwind.

Fly home and move to California.

Please jump in my suitcase. I'm sure you have cuter clothes. Cleaner clothes.

Excuse me, I need to pick up my Xanax refill now.


mrs. blogoway said...

Have fun! Oh and by the way if a girl comes up to you at BlogHer and says that her friend wanted her to meet you-- it was me. My friend Tracee writes at and will be out there in San Fran.

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