Saturday, July 19, 2008


*Me, Stef and Stephanie Klein

The Ladies:

I have met all the bloggers I had hoped to meet. I've sat next to Bossy, shared a cab with Baby On Bored and crashed a party celebrating the launch of Mighty Haus.

I've acquired tons of shwag and lost an earring.

I've networked, job searched, ask questions, learned, laughed and made people laugh. My IUD / DUI joke never gets old.

I've upgraded my status from a mommy blogger to emerging publisher. That's Ms. Emerging Publisher to you.

Check This Out

One of the best panel discussion's I attended was led by Elise Bauer. Read her BlogHer presentation and use her resources. I plan to go back and read them all. Email me if you want to discuss or you can explain it to me in extremely simple terms.

This morning, I met up with my old friend the San Francisco Farmers Market. We used to have a standing date every Saturday Morning. I'm really glad I forced my hungover self to jump on the BART (again) and walk around the aisles and aisles of organic fruits and fresh flowers and handmade cheeses. For breakfast I indulged in this amazing smoked salmon sandwich from Cap'n Mike. Fresh, smoked salmon, layered on a slice of creme cheese topped sour dough with a fat slice of an organic heirloom tomato, onions, capers and some absolutely to die for lavender sea salt. The only thing stopping me from buying a whole case to bring home is the fact that in less than a week San Francisco will be my home!