Saturday, July 19, 2008


*Me, Stef and Stephanie Klein

The Ladies:

I have met all the bloggers I had hoped to meet. I've sat next to Bossy, shared a cab with Baby On Bored and crashed a party celebrating the launch of Mighty Haus.

I've acquired tons of shwag and lost an earring.

I've networked, job searched, ask questions, learned, laughed and made people laugh. My IUD / DUI joke never gets old.

I've upgraded my status from a mommy blogger to emerging publisher. That's Ms. Emerging Publisher to you.

Check This Out

One of the best panel discussion's I attended was led by Elise Bauer. Read her BlogHer presentation and use her resources. I plan to go back and read them all. Email me if you want to discuss or you can explain it to me in extremely simple terms.

This morning, I met up with my old friend the San Francisco Farmers Market. We used to have a standing date every Saturday Morning. I'm really glad I forced my hungover self to jump on the BART (again) and walk around the aisles and aisles of organic fruits and fresh flowers and handmade cheeses. For breakfast I indulged in this amazing smoked salmon sandwich from Cap'n Mike. Fresh, smoked salmon, layered on a slice of creme cheese topped sour dough with a fat slice of an organic heirloom tomato, onions, capers and some absolutely to die for lavender sea salt. The only thing stopping me from buying a whole case to bring home is the fact that in less than a week San Francisco will be my home!


Biddy said...

mmmm that sounds YUMMY!

and i'm sad you're not going to be a fellow texan anymore :( sniff sniff

Jenny said...

Thank you for the links for the presentations. They are really helpful.

that girl said...

As you talk about your upcoming moving I keep hearing the Jefferson's theme song in my head. lol.

Miss Grace said...

You didn't meet me!
How did we fail at that?

jennifer, playgroups are no place for children said...

Gah! Thank you for posting that link...I had to leave that session early for a very important date with Abby Cadabby. I thought I wrote the link correctly, but

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