Thursday, June 5, 2008

Weight, are you here for the picture?

Imagine Wooderson in my all time favorite movie Dazed and Confused

They keep getting older and I stay the same size.

So I think it was just before my trip to San Francisco that I quit attending my WW meetings. Work was busy, I had to get highlights, a client meeting, etc. etc. etc. That didn't' stop them from taking out the auto debit from my checking account.

The good news? Swim team has started. So that means the alarm rings at 6:20 and the girls are in the pool at 7 am. I'm on the treadmill at 7:05. This is the one time a year I string together 4 consecutive days in a row at the gym.

Any who - there's been ALOT going on at the Laymon-Johnson's. Same song, years ago verse. If you were half the Nancy Drew as I, you might have picked up on it.

So, I was saying:

It's all happening. A quote from my 2nd favorite movie of ALL time, Almost Famous. And while work has been hellish, I take a few moments and listen to the soundtrack from Hairspray.

The songs were part of Hazel's dance recital. So when the going gets tough, the tough listen to -

Which is exactly what I was listening to when I snapped the picture above.

*Shout out to Catherine who begins a new chapter and gave me the soundtrack.


zellmer said...

Holy crap, I almost referenced that line, "It's all happening" in my blog the other day. Almost Famous is in my top five favorite movies, too.
And I loved your "Same song, years ago verse" line.
Also love your photo.
And I'm in the same boat with WW. I'm going this SAturday for the first time in over a month, just 'cause my Mom's in town, but after that, I quit. That's right, I'm a quitter.

Miss Grace said...

Love that picture of you.

I keep waffling about joining weight watchers. On the one hand I think, "Can't I eat less and exercise more on my own and not spend that STUPID money?" And on the other hand, well that hasn't really been working has it?

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