Sunday, June 22, 2008

Day Two: Noon mass at the most holy AMC

How apropos that I was awoken by a call from my very dear friend on the very day I had planned to go see the Sex and The City movie. It was just like Miranda calling Carrie on New Year's Eve except in my world it was morning and it's June.

I really had fun at the movies.

It made me miss New York and my own Charlotte, Miranda & Samantha.

It made me remember the times I ran into shoot locations walking around my New York neighborhood.

Carrie met Burger at the movie theatre across from our apartment. She called him from a dummy pay phone in front of the marquee which scrolls through a list of fake movie titles.

And I saw Carrie run into Aidan on 69th Street. Remember when he turned around sporting the Baby Bjorn?

When you do the math, I'm like their 5th wheelBeatle . I mean, c'mon I practically deserve my name in the credits.


Miss Grace said...

I think I actually spotted you in a couple of scenes :)

zellmer said...

You always took Lula there in the sling. You deserve an award for pulling that off so frequently. I could never get my babies to cooperate in a movie.

mrs. blogoway said...

Oh, Aiden... I loved him so. I never understood why they had to break up. He built her that chair, and he was so gentle and sweet....

Amy said...

I loved the show, loved the movie, loved Aiden....and Oh God SMITH!!!